Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Exciting New Product Line for Today's Now Consumer

In keeping with the concept of Joy Division Sneakers, I came up with some new clothing design ideas that will combine the latest in active-wear with the music-makers of yesterday and today. I think you'll be very pleased by the selection, quality and "now" factor. Please do not steal these ideas, as they are: patent pending.

First up--the Green Day Polo. Wear Billie Joe, Mike and Tre Cool proudly on the breast pocket of this ongoing classic-style shirt. Features breathable, durable cotton mesh; two-button placket, ribbed collar/armbands; and uneven vented hem. Available in several colors including cornflower, dusty sage, autumn leaf and pineapple.
Green Day Polo Shirt
Close-up: Green Day Polo Shirtclose-up view

Men's Nirvana Nevermind moisture-wicking underwear features exclusive lightweight and silky fabric engineered for breathability and moisture transport. Enjoy the freedom of a boxer with the support of a brief--as alternative as you want to be. Also available In Utero.

The Dead Kennedys are considered one of the most important American hardcore punk bands of the 1980s, and now you can enjoy the comfort of their legacy with these high-quality sports socks. Athletic socks are an essential component of your active footwear. Don't censor your abilities--the right punk rock sock can mean the difference between success and failure on the playing field.
DKs Sports Sock
Celebrate the early 80s punk ska movement with the Circle Jerks cargo pant. Your old-school, hardcore style just got more convenient with all the storage you need for keys, wallets, cell phones, PDA and more. Never leave home short-handed again.
Circle Jerks Cargo Pant
James IhaAND for a limited time, we offer this special one-off product: James Iha's fart in a jar. James Iha--guitarist extraordinaire of Smashing Pumpkins and solo career fame, has graciously licensed his precious emissions, now available for the first time. Certificate of authenticity is included.
James Iha Fart in Jar

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Tuckers said...

My Mary In a Bathtub is crying menstrual tears. My gods of music, why have you forsaken me?

On the other hand I have been waiting for the Boy George (R) branded methadone to hit the streets. And then there is the Freddie Mercury enema set I've had my eye on.