Friday, June 22, 2007

Hey, look at this old stuff

Arty bloggers are always posting their weird found objects and saying, "Hey, look at this old stuff I found." This blog is no different. I found some children's books in the donation box at work this week. They're old and weird and here they are.

Enjoying Reading is a British reading primer from 1966 that had a decidedly dark view of the reading experience. Check out this book cover.

Nothing says Enjoying Reading like falling through a frozen pond. I hope that guy with the jaunty cap can hang on. I like how half the spectators are little children--what a fun day for all!

Inside are some visual vocabulary builders.
The sentence describing #6: "This is a tramp." Despite appearances, the guy in #2 is not a grave-digger, he is merely, "making a trench." And what's going on in #8? Why, she's "making the donkey trot."
More dark lessons in life. There has been a car crash. There is a crack in the cup. He eats a crust. The apples are crushed. It's like a bunch of clues in "Veronica Mars" as directed by David Lynch. I liked Veronica Mars--she was saucy.
I don't know what's going on here but that clown is really demented (or "funny" as described in the book) and the puppy is not rabid, only happy. Enjoyable!

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