Saturday, June 23, 2007


Happy Pride Day. I'll be celebrating my dad's 70th birthday tomorrow and needless to say, we won't be at the parade. But here are some photos I've purloined from Hope they don't mind. You can see their series of photos from the last seven years of parades here. Dig that crazy scene!

Looking good Mayor Newsom. Sir Ian McKellan is beaming--he's adorable. It looks to me that if you are a contingent of the "Balloon Magic" group, you can plan on doing some heavy-duty partying before, during and after the parade--Balloon Magic just has that "look" to it. I love the furry angel wings on the bears. Do you think heaven is full of leather guys in furry wings? Conservative Christians will be bummed. Good.

Many years ago, I marched in the parade with this certifiably nut-job political group. We chanted "Money for AIDS, not for war!" And some people cheered but some people looked glum--like, "Don't rain on our parade, nutty political group." I admit, our group was not as endearing as the people who dressed up as life-sized bags of groceries for the "Meals on Wheels" float. Or THAT guy above. That's pride.

Last photo. Awww--that's some balloon magic right there.

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