Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Local Yokels

Are you wandering around Oakland, wondering what to buy or where to hang out? OaklandGoods will steer you straight.

You can't enter the Oakland Mormon Temple unless you're a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints--but you can download some Temple wallpaper for your computer decorating scheme.

Steam Trains in Berkeley?

Do you like photographs of modern architecture in San Francisco? So does Le Blog Exuberance.

Politics in Contra Costa County? Check out Halfway to Concord, featuring a photo header of the Mt. Zion quarry behind my childhood home.

Do you think the Marin County Civic Center, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, is totally awesome? Here's a photo essay of its design and construction. Why not check out the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge, while you're at it? Would you have liked to ride the rails through Marin at the turn of the century? It would have looked like this.

Attempting to remodel your home in the Bay Area by yourself? Misery loves company:
casadecrepit.com (check out the "Crimes Against Victorians" post--very Bay Area)

Coming in September: ArtCar Fest fever--catch it!

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