Monday, July 16, 2007

When Stevie Nicks was Queen

Long ago, in 1983, the reigning queen of pop music did not lip synch, kept her drug use under wraps for most of the decade, made sure her shows were entertaining and had some pretty killer big hair (presumably all her own). I never really got into her shtick because she seemed so "mannered." I liked talented control-freak Lindsey Buckingham better. But in hindsight, I've come to appreciate the greatness that was Stevie Nicks. Now you can too. Check out that 80s energy emanating all around the stage.

(The best Stevie Nicks video on YouTube was taken away from us so you'll have to settle for this "Solid Gold" appearance. Definitely second best, at best.)


Tuckers said...

Oh yeah, I remember that 'energy'. A lot of nasal reconstructive surgery ensued later in the decade.

I used to call her Scary Auntie, I see it still applies.

Most embarrasing is that I used to dance like that too. It's probably one reason I don't like to dance now. The pain . . . the pain!

Lisa Mc said...

I just don't get the head snappage and can only file it away in the ever-growing mental imagery of "When White People Dance"--a film I have yet to make--perhaps my greatest work ever.