Saturday, September 29, 2007

Barry Bonds Limericks

Keith and I wanted to enter SFGate's Barry Bonds limerick contest but we missed the deadline by a couple of hours. We posted them anyway. Keith actually wrote both of these, being a true baseball (and baseball limerick?) fanatic. I only helped with the last line on #2. With limericks, it's all about the rhythm and the last line. I numbered them, just like Emily Dickinson.

Jealous of Sosa/McGwire
He set out to raise the bar higher
His soul he did auction
With steroid concoctions
The "Home Run King" is a liar.

With his glove and his legs and his bat
He was the best in the game, that's a fact
But it wasn't enough
So he took BALCO's stuff
And now his head is too fat.

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