Monday, May 12, 2008

"The (New) Call of the Freaks" - Luis Russell and His Orchestra

Roblimo has made a tribute to the garbage men and women who make life cleaner for the citizens of Bradenton, FL. Luis Russell and His Orchestra provide the best song about trash pick-up ever, The (New) Call of the Freaks (re-recorded at some later date as Garbage Man Blues). Luis Russell led one of the first swing bands in the U.S., and the orchestra became Louis Armstrong's band in the 30s.

- MP34U has the MP3 for you. And plenty more songs in the public domain as well.

- More songs about occupations.

- Jackson as rediscovered the bountiful array of garbage truck videos on YouTube. He recommends the company-produced "Heil Python ASL Garbage Truck (first of a series)."

- With the help of a gift card, I splurged on this Simplehuman trash can today.

- Ike Turner wants to be your Garbage Man.

Garbage Man - Turner-Ike

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Anonymous said...

you know, i get the Heil fascination. just yesterday, i stepped out of my car parked next to some garbage cans outside of my warehouse space and one of those Heil's raced towards me and screeched to a halt inches from me. no one got out. suddenly that robot arm jerked towards me - damn! i moved way back and watched it clamp around the garbage can, toss the contents into the truck, place the can back down and tear off down the street in search of more...