Monday, July 14, 2008

Lord's Point is Heavenly

My mother-in-law Joan has lived for the past several decades in two of the most beautiful spots in the country. Berkshire County in Western Mass. (where Keith grew up), and currently at Lord's Point in Stonington, Connecticut. Stonington is down the road from Mystic, which you may know from Julia Roberts' break-out role in Mystic Pizza. Yes, there she is in Mystic. Also starring Lili Taylor, and a memorable scene involving an expensive sports car and the catch of the day.

What is there to do at Lord's Point?

Jackson helped clean up several streets and removed quite a pile of fireworks debris from the coastline after 4th of July. Thousands of hermit crabs tipped their snail shell homes to him the following day.
Cleaning up the beach at Lord's Point

We swam in the Atlantic, which is really calm at Lord's Point. Sea kayaking is more like lake kayaking. The water is balmy in July, so jump on in. Be prepared to encounter seaweed--pretend you're a mermaid! (Easy to do when you emerge with sea grass sticking out of your bathing suit.)
Swim the Atlantic at Lord's Point

In Mystic, trains, fireboats and huge sailing vessels compete for our attention with the ancient drawbridge that goes up every hour to let seafaring folk pass through. Next to the drawbridge is an old-fashioned ice cream shop with views of the water and shipyard. Did I mention the Paradise-like nature of the area?The Mystic drawbridge is going up

Many mornings, I held a coffee cup in my hand and simply marveled at the beauty. Salt air: mmmmm, zesty.

The other highlight of the trip was an outing to the stupifyingly big Mohegan Sun Casino to see a free show. One of my favorite groups of all time, The Zombies, have reunited (at least the two main Zombies, anyway) and are currently touring the U.S. Seeing The Zombies play live was not only the highlight of my trip, but kind of a highlight of my life. They deserve their own post, so tomorrow for that, after I recover from an unscheduled stopover in Kentucky(!?) and a very early-morning flight today, due to bad weather. It's 80+ degrees here in Portland and the Cascades looked marvelous from both sides of the plane.

The Zombies - Summertime (this is one of the few summer-themed songs they didn't play at this show, but it's befitting of my vacation memories and sounds great besides).

Studio version:


michelle robinson said...

how do you put a video on your blog?

Monte said...

great blog! looks like vacation was fun. jackson looks great!

doogarr said...

I spent two summers at Lords Point with my family (73,74). As a 13 yr old it was quite a experience . One that I shall always treasure .