Thursday, July 24, 2008

PDX Pop Now! 2008

PDX Pop Now! - inside and outside music! Starts Friday, the 25th and runs through this Sunday the 27th! And it's free! (free!) Is this a great place, or what? C'mon! Howza-bout-it!?


The Builders and The Butchers, here playing with The Portland Cello Project - Bottom of the Lake

New Bloods - Doubles (Wow, New Bloods, you are a sound from my distant past, only right here, today.)

World's Greatest Ghosts

Experimental Dental School - Meyowch

Starfucker (58 seconds of shaky-cam--whoo! Whoa! Hurrrl!)

1 comment:

michelle robinson said...

i wish you had told me about this. Patrick would of loved to have come and we have relatives there in Vancouver that could of watch the we little ones. or maybe they could of come too. next time!! remember were out in the boondocks here.