Friday, April 17, 2009

Pixies to see you through

Oh my, I haven't had any time to myself this week! To ruminate, to dwell on stuff, to regurgitate it all here. And that's...OK because there'll always be another Pixies video on YouTube for high entertainment value. Here's a performance from 1989 on the BBC. Look at how young they are. I still love these arty weirdos.

Monkey Gone to Heaven - probably my fave Pixies song--definitely in the top-two anyway.

I can't help it. Here's Gigantic, live from the same era.

Who's up for some Caribou?

Hey - still awesome. This is the easiest post ever. Thanks Pixies!

Saturday, April 18 is something called Record Store Day, which sounds like an idea a record-store owner thought up. Anyway, visit your local, independent record store (if you still have any) and buy a record, or a CD, or something else tangible. Record-store culture thanks you.

Jackpot Records in Portland will have some in-store performances and Voodoo donuts available! Records, free live music, and donuts - that is so Portland.

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mamiel said...

Aw, who don't love them some Pixies? I saw a documentary on them with lots of interviews with David Bowie. Bowie loves the Pixies ! Which is great because I love Bowie.

And the Pixies.