Monday, May 11, 2009

The Recession Makes Me Fighting Mad

It isn't fair! How many times have I stated that, deep within my mind where no one else will know I'm a self-pitying fool? OK, maybe a few times, tops. I'm kind of a throw-up-my-hands, intuitive type, I guess. But still, what are the odds that we would move to the Northwest with a new full-time job, nice little house, great little school, etc., only to have the recession kick in, lose that job, and then live in one of the worst areas of the U.S. for employment?

Well, I suppose it can happen to anyone and it has. So I don't take it really personally. But I'm still really PISSED about the greed, deregulation, corruption and stupidity that got us in this situation.

And I'll express that vicariously with these ridiculous fight scenes. Over-the-top absurdity? Yes! Like the quandary we find ourselves in, moving back to where we started from, to look for too-expensive, tiny housing next to train tracks in a broken-down state with a class-based public-school system and a constitution altered by popular vote to disallow gay marriage.

Am I ranting? Tomorrow I'll post some cheerful videos to balance everything out. Until then: AARRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!

Take THAT, Recession!

Justice WILL prevail!

Or maybe it won't. Might take a few years...

Well, I have complete trust in our elected officials to handle it in a pragmatic, intelligent manner.


Mildred Davenport said...

I thought you were well on your way to success with the garbage truck documentary. Really, there was something about that concept, it reminded me of Gates Of Heaven (not to be confused with Heaven's Gate). I swear there's gold in them thar hills.

mamiel said...

I am sorry you have to leave, but your loss will be my gain! I look forward to meeting you in person soon. If you are moving to SF and want to talk to some body about the public schools, drop me a line.

Sorry you have to leave a nice life you guys built for yourselves. Hope you'll be as happy or more here in the bay area.

Lisa Mc said...

Thanks BBs. We're trying for an East Bay home once more (repeating a former existence is always interesting), but I'm happy to talk San Francisco and its schools. You never know. I'm a San Franciscan from way back and have been navigating the California public school system for a few decades. You'd think I'd be an expert but I feel rank amateurish still. California schools: creating insecurity since the late 1970s.