Sunday, June 21, 2009

We have landed in California

Items that dropped on my left or right foot while packing this week:

1.) Extremely heavy book-end made out of some kind of carved stone.

2.) A television remote, angled for maximum impact upon the joint where my big toe bends each time I take a step.

3.) Something I can't even remember (a child's toy?) that hurt like hell but I was too busy to notice at the time. This was a time-released injury that made itself felt throughout the day at hourly increments.

But we made it. Rain showers throughout Oregon, getting brighter and sunnier and hotter as we headed toward Mount Shasta (the town). Mount Shasta (the town) is so cute. It has this little downtown full of old one-story buildings where every other store-front appears to be a cool looking cafe with free Wi-Fi. Or a crystal shop or a tempeh deli or a bookstore.

Because our child hates most all food (with a passion), we found out where the nearest pizza was located. This turned out to be Say Cheese which is a sports bar with a salad bar and an arcade full of tween-age boys playing speed basketball and Dance Dance Revolution. In my punchy traveling/moving state, I found this really charming. Maybe because Mt. Shasta (the mountain) looms over the entire town like something out of anime fable. The melted snow in June looks like tiger stripes going down every which way. Dude, it's impressive.

So here we are in sunny Northern California where the unemployment rate has reached 11.5%, compared to Oregon's 12.5%. So far, we're feeling right at home.

Mt. Shasta, through the windshieldOh, hai there Mt. Shasta!

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