Monday, July 13, 2009

Isn't it time you owned a Theremin?

Tired of throwing your money away, leasing your Theremins? Have your friends started hiding out when they see you coming up the street because you keep borrowing THEIR Theremins? Maybe it's time to think of pride of ownership. Live the American dream with your very own Theremin.

Tired of your electronic music hobby jacking up the electricity bill every month? Go "green" with the solar-powered Theremin.

Very famous celebrity Jon Spencer could use some Theremin lessons.

Thomas Grillo teaches YOU how to play the Theremin.

A cat plays a Theremin. What was life like before YouTube? Cold, wind-blown, and grayish I imagine.

- Moog Etherwave(R) Theremins add life to any party, spiritual gathering or impromptu happening.
- The EtherMusic Festival is fun for all.
- The Theremin's Making a Comback - Brow Beat.
- See you later everyone, I'm going to Theremin World.


Apuleius Platonicus said...

I had never heard of Theremins until I saw the movie Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey. I can't really claim that it changed my life, but it did blow my mind. Thanks for the cool links!!


Mildred Davenport said...

I thought it was cough medicine.

Tuckers said...

That cat was all like Morton Subotnik and Sky of Cloudless Sulfur. Ya know?

Tuckers said...

Hey keep it current, Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy" cover with theremin.

Oh and I saw a very funny non-sequitur reference to the Theremin on a recent Family Guy. It's everywhere.