Friday, July 17, 2009

Viva The Zeros

Last night on KALX a well-informed DJ told the back-story of The Zeros, the 70s-era punk band consisting of high school friends from Chula Vista, California. Up until that moment in time I knew NOTHING about The Zeros, even though I've been aware of the career of their former guitarist, El Vez (Robert Lopez), for years. And I vaguely knew bassist Hector Penalosa in the 80s from his San Francisco band, Flying Color. If Hector had been in one of the coolest Mexican-American punk rock bands of the the past decade, he was very quiet about it.

The Zeros played up and down California alongside The Germs, The Avengers, The Nuns and The Dils, but like many early punk bands, they split up before they could achieve the worldwide fame they so deserved. But it's all going to be OK because they've reformed and they're playing TONIGHT at the Elbo Room in San Francisco. All four original members, including guitarist Javier Escovedo and drummer Baba Chenelle, played their 30-year reunion show in Spain back in 2007 and are now touring the West Coast (opening for Mudhoney at Dante's in Portland, September 18). Excelente!

San Diego television, Don't Push me Around & Wimp - 1977

Don't Push Me Around - no year listed but definitely a reunion show.

The Zeros 30th Anniversary - DVD trailer, supposedly released from Last Bandit Films in Spain and Munster Records but I can't find it on either site. Elusive!



Franco JR said...

The zeros is a best punk band, ever!

el space vato said...

In about 1978 in Sacramento, CA I was in a Chicano three piece band which had many names but Los Pendejos was the one we used the most. We had seen the Plugz and only heard about the Zeros who, from what we had heard were just the greatest.
I heard there music here and there through the 1980's on KUSF and KALX on occasion but never was able to see them live.
Again, thanks Lisa! Holy smokes, you're the greatest!