Monday, November 30, 2009

What's Beth Ditto listening to?

According to this NY Times Playlist, she's liking Explode Into Colors, who she knows from her hair-cutting days in Olympia, Washington.

Two girls on drums. Be still my heart.

She also loves Lil Wayne, who she says is a genius. Shooter with Robin Thicke is one of her favorite songs of all time.

While growing up, Beth's mom listened to Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath. Her dad listened to Patsy Kline and Kool and the Gang. It's like she grew up inside of a 70s-era version of college radio. In Arkansas. Here's a little Sabbath from 1970.

Switch gears!

She's also fond of The Raincoats.

And has listened to When I Grow Up by Fever Ray on a near-constant basis.

She likes to go out dancing to La Roux, who she says is huge in England.

You go, Beth Ditto.

Thanks Melena Ryzik for the NY Times interview.

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