Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How to make paper snowflakes

It's quite snowy outside (not here--we've got monsoon rainstorms to contend with). But up north in our old digs: lotsa' snow this week. I'm sure you're eager to start your paper snowflake projects. Be sure to hang them in the window and remember: if you make them out of large coffee filters, let the kids color them with a spritz of water and drops of food coloring (my crafty tip of the day).

Ignore the Christmas decor. Christmas is so over. I scoured YouTube (for fifteen f-'n minutes) to find the perfect "how to" snowflake-making video, and this was the most concise.

Snowflake templates here.

Bonus! Make a mod paper snowflake garland--I dare ya!

Garland template available here.

Lots more crafty goings-on at Curbly Videos.

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