Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Say hello to our friends the puppets

Craig Ferguson has a special relationship with puppets.

Peter Hartlaub interviews Charley and Humphrey pupeteer and all-around Bay Area TV personality, Pat McCormick. More Pat. He deserves it. Charley and Humphrey PSAs reside on the SFGate channel--childhood memories revisited!

Referencing another beloved pupeteer, Captain Kangaroo and his friend Moose.

Will Conan O'Brien get to keep the rights to Triumph the Insult Comic Dog? WHO would want Triumph on their team, unwillingly due to contract dispute? That could get ugly.


el space vato said...

Again Lisa you've brought back memories...
I'm talking about the Charlie & Humphrey segment. I never really noticed before that the dog is wearing an Oakland Raiders sweat shirt... Didn't Pat McCormick do there voices? He did a TON of things on channel 2.

Lisa Mc said...

I put some Pat McCormick links up, Space Vato. I loved Charley and Humphrey when I was a kid. They were a classic comedy duo as far as I was concerned. Still entertaining 30 years later.