Monday, May 17, 2010

Shopping 'til I'm Dropping

Actually, I'm just window shopping. I did purchase an orange camera this week so when it arrives, I'll be able to take even MORE photos--they just won't be stuffed in dozens of shoe boxes around the house any more. That's right: going digital. Finally. Another battery charger is in my near future.

Meanwhile, here's some delightful consumer items I found today. I think you'll agree--the world is certainly full of wonderful things, all for under $19.95.

Mighty Michelle re-usable shopping bag from Pearl River. Go green. Go First Lady nylon shopping bag. I'm sure this isn't properly licensed but it sure is First Lady Fabulous.

And look! Lookin' Good for Jesus coin purse. I think Jesus is public domain so you can place extra change in here (or hairbands, or whatever) and feel good about copyright-free licensing at the same time.

You can't buy these any more, but you can admire their glamorous vintage charms and much more at the Found in Mom's Basement blog. Or try Esther Williams' vintage-inspired swimwear site, with oldies soundtrack to shop by.

Do yourself a favor--click on this link and try out the 1949 Youngstown Kitchens Jet-tower Dishwasher video download. It's a top-loading dishwasher with a clear lid that shows you all the washing power in action. Strangely meditative, almost beautiful. At least Jackson and I think so. From the cheerfully obsessive-compulsive archives of all things automatic-wash,

We can't afford this, but we do very much need it--the garbage truck mailbox from Mailbox Ranch. So epic, it ships in two boxes.

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