Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Catalog Haiku

Well that was a refreshing computer vacation. Very little computer usage for the past several days has left me feeling almost fully human again. I played a little two-square, drew some pictures with chalk on the sidewalk, went for walks, visited with friends and family, even talked on the phone a bit. Crazy times.

Oh yeah, I started that young-adult novel I promised myself I'd write over 30 years ago (and have started and re-started four or five times over the years). This time I'm going to stick with it, until the next re-start. I'm getting good at that.

Meanwhile, I was able to focus more intensely on the mail. That stack of paper that comes in the little house on a stick in the front yard most every day. Everyone complains about spam, leaving the original spam--junk mail--on the back burners of our minds. But it's there and it's clogging up our lives and recycling centers, costing us trees and valuable time that could be wasted in more productive ways. I'm thinking about all the mixed drinks that had to be put on hold; the children who were ignored; the neighbors who were shunned, because we were too busy, tossing and shredding the mail.

What to do? Make haiku--particularly catalog haiku. It's time has come (five days a week).

Eddie Bauer
Wrinkly rumpled
khaki brown adventure wear
for slender posers

Home Trends
Simplify your life
with 700 products
Microwave Must-Haves

Urban Outfitters
Gangly sullen
teens draped on costly patchwork
furniture; Grump-wear

Need that massaging
radio-controlled bean bag
Recession be damned

Land's End
Middle-class basics
Choose from primary colors
stripes or polka-dots

The Vermont Country Store
Autumn chills the air
and that flannel granny gown
looks mighty good now

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