Monday, November 01, 2010

Are You Exceedingly Middle Class? - The Checklist

Increasingly I am feeling middle class. So I made a checklist to make sure I'm not getting too settled. Are you becoming too middle class? Start checking and find out!

_ Competitive block parties

_ Competitive exotic wedding locales

_ Determination that progeny will be bilingual, athletic, musically inclined and top-tier mathematicians by age 10.

_ Secret hoarding of “As Seen on TV” product line

_ Tempur-Pedic pillow (Tempur-Pedic mattress is for upper middle class)

_ Bluetooth discussion during power walk about possible future vacation home

_ Bite guard

_ Fear of cable customer service

_ Love/hate relationship with Costco

_ Hypoallergenic pet

_ Toppings OK as long as it’s on frozen yogurt

_ Move back to the city? And give up the garage?

_ Soaker tub was only put in for resale value

_ Granite countertops a MUST have

_ Saving up for a visit to the pet acupuncturist

_ Can't wash the top of your vehicle without a stepladder

_ MacBook Air envy

_ Fear and loathing of popcorn ceilings

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