Wednesday, March 02, 2011


I just almost completed my first hoop workout. Not technically a Hula Hoop workout because we have a different brand of hoop, filled with water and weights, which is actually a little small for me because it belongs to my kid. And that's too much information--sorry. But I guess if I want to get serious about hooping, I'll have to spring for one of those gigantic adult-sized workout hoops, special-ordered from the Internets and capable of causing all kinds of damage in and around the house. That's the price of fitness.

What's new in hooping? Let's find out.

Hoop La La really wowed 'em on "Britain's Got Talent," a few years ago. Damn, they're so cute.

FYI, you don't need a Hula Hoop to do the Hula Hoop.

I love our First Lady.

You can be all flamboyantly new-age and stuff--it's OK with a hoop because then at least you're entertaining.

Guys--you can hoop too. Especially at Burning Man. In fact, I believe it's a requirement.


My inspiration.


Xavier said...

You NEED to have fuzzy sparkly leggings and a belly dancing halter top with strings of glitter to work out. You know that don't you? What a trip. The guy at burning man did the first macho hula hoop I have ever seen, very cool!

Miss Lisa said...

I'm going to pursue this hooping trend, if only to burn hundreds of calories in one workout while having, what I'm told is "a blast." But if I ever show up wearing lycra bell-bottomed "groovy pants," feel free to slap some sense into me. Yes--the macho hooper is truly amazing. What an interesting talent to be a prodigy at.