Friday, March 25, 2011

Plugged in to the zeitgeist

I am creating Web templates, helping to manage several social-media sites and reading a how-to book on drumming, all while blogging this. I am plugged in to the zeitgeist. I am so plugged in that I have no time to deal with humanity, except that I happened to attend a ninth birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese tonight and I've never been. And I survived, motherfuckers. I survived.

Here are some videos I stumbled upon this week that I will share with you, potential zeitgeisters. And then: to sleep, perchance to dream--even while sleeping, we can multi-task.

Margaret Cho made a video featuring Tegan and Sara. I don't have any more information on this than probably you do. It's just a nice little ditty about drug intervention.

"Friday" (Brock's Dub), featuring Rebecca Black. What, you haven't heard FRIDAY?!?! This still might work for you on some level. If not, watch and listen to "Friday." Rebecca Black has promised to donate a ton of money she's making on this song to Japan relief and to her school. That is damn nice of her, so give it a listen. I went to Chuck E. Cheese tonight. This is the least you can do to make the world a better place. And it is Friday, after all--fun fun fun fun...

Obviously, the world has gone mad. How else to explain "Sexy Sax Man"? I wish he would come to our Grocery Outlet. That awesome shopping experience needs this as a soundtrack.

A poet shared this on the Facebook wall today and it's the real deal, daddi-o, from High School Confidential. Jackie Coogan, formerly adorable child actor and TV's "Uncle Fester" on The Addams Family, tickles the ivories in the background.

Plugged in, man.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you survived, and thanks for making me laugh, again. He gushed. Chuck E gotta be like a cultural war zone for people of a certain ... errr... sensibility, the classist/elitist thus spoke. I mighta been there 1/2 a lifetime ago (my daughter's, to be precise) but I think I erased it. It was for a friend of hers, yo. Long lost friend. The cannot-hardly-live-without-'em friends that 5-7 yr-olds soon (almost) forget.