Tuesday, March 22, 2011

tUnE-yArDs - SXSW 2011

I'm still busy so here's tUnE-yArDs at SXSW, courtesy of NPR. Sorry, I can't embed but not for lack of trying. The code will only link to NPR audio tracks, which is fine if you want to hear a recording of cosmonaut Komarov as his shoddy space capsule begins to fail, but I don't recommend it (that poor man).

Stick with this live show. It gets better and better, especially if you're a fan of African traditional rhythms and rhythm in general. Merrill Garbus is a damn amazing composer and performer, relying mostly on simple drums, a loop pedal and wait for it, a ukulele, as well as her strangely affecting voice.


Anonymous said...

yeah and how about Komarov's hero state funeral...placing a burnt, mangled naked body on display. i guess some kind of message was being delivered.

Miss Lisa said...

I just saw that--where was it--NY Times Magazine...? Yikes. A very "don't put your faith in government" allegory.