Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Hamster in need of attention

Fifi lives for attention. Who knew hamsters could be so social? We made up this word, "poogy" to describe the look of extremely full hamster cheeks. And as you can see, she's quite poogy here. How she manages to climb up the walls of her cage without toppling over remains a mystery. Anyway, when she's not stuffing her face with every morsel of food in sight, she's trying to run away from us. Hamsters live to run--they apparently run six miles every night in the wild. So eating and running--that's what you get.

Whenever Fifi makes it to the blog it usually means I've not been able to focus my full attention to this online endeavor. Today is no exception. We had a series of duties to fulfill for the past several weeks that took precedent over everything else. Like: getting healthy; then getting healthy again; and still again--sure, why not? There was a need for doctors and much medication around here. Plus special dietary recommendations that had to be shopped for. And supplements--so many supplements.

I learned about two excellent pressure points to apply. One for pain: close up your thumb next to your hand/forefinger--see that fatty fold between thumb and hand? Press there against the hand bone slightly. Alleviates pain! Even though it hurts a little to press there--pressure-point irony in action.

Here's one for immunity: close up your forearm against your upper arm and see the fold where your arm bends? Press on the side of that fold slightly--ouch. That builds immunity. I could have used that one a month ago, but I'm storing it away in the old mental files for future reference. My acupressure friend showed me these and she knows her stuff. I hope she doesn't mind if I share. I just find this pretty helpful and there's no side-effects other than weird little sore spots from too-enthusiastic pressing.

Things are looking healthier now and we should resume our regularly scheduled nonsense post-haste. Maybe there's a pressure-point for absurdity and fulfillment. I think I know where that body-part is and it's NSFW. Heh.

In the mean time, please pay attention to this hamster for the next few seconds and I'll be with you shortly.

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