Monday, May 30, 2011

The Way We Get By - Memorial Day 2011

If you get a chance, you should watch the documentary The Way We Get By, which aired once again on PBS this Memorial Day. It's a very heartfelt and touching look at a group of older people who send off and greet U.S. troops out of the Bangor, Maine airport, 24 hours a day. Some have served in the military. Some have family members in the military. All have differing views of politics and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but they're united by one philosophy: to thank the young people in the U.S. armed forces for their service.


Watch it on Hulu.

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robert said...

God bless these folks that get up everyday to thank our returning troops! I was greeted in New Hampshire by a great group of people that made us feel like family. Phones, food, and snow what a great way to say thank you troops.