Thursday, June 02, 2011

Wholesome Pole Dancing

Pole dancing! The fitness sensation that's sweeping the nation! It's not just for strippers anymore! Need proof? Read on:

Pole fitness for Jesus done to upbeat contemporary Christian music.

Martha Stewart embraces the pole, looking perfectly comfortable and natural while doing so.

Not to be outdone, Ellen De Generes tries her hand in her awesome custom-made androgyny-wear. (Ellen is my favorite fashion icon. Even more so since whenever she speaks I think of Dorie the lovably brain-damaged Fish from "Finding Nemo.")

In a show of pole-dancing equality, Ellen features a bare-chested male pole dancer. The suspenders make it wholesome.

I hope you're up for an emotional open-shirted pole-dancing experience. The confetti rain washes away any lingering impurities.

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Apuleius Platonicus said...

Pole Dancing For Jesus is proof of the power of prayer. All praise to the Dark Lord Baphomet!