Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hallucinatory Prompts

After a weekend chock full of medical enlightenment, I'm trying to return to regularly scheduled life here. Unfortunately, I caught some kind of stomach virus and now I'm at the computer very reluctantly. I find that The Encyclopedia of Pop Culture, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, and ancient "Mary Tyler Moore" shows do nicely when I'm under the weather. Computer work: not so much.

Not that this is work! Here are some photos I took one dusky eve of our nearby canal/creek, which had been invaded by some kind of sudsing agent. Don't worry--it's not toxic waste. The canal is completely controlled by our water-board overlords that regulate its every ounce of existence. This particular day, it happened to be spewing out of pipe and making all these swirly designs. The next day: just an ordinary wildlife-reserve creek again--full of tadpoles, crawdads, heron, turtles and an elusive otter. I finally saw him, swimming and eating algae-like growth in the nearby pond, like a mammalized weed eradicator. Otters are cool! And shy.

What do YOU see in the sudsy creek swirls below? If you're extra arty, ambitious and bored, feel free to click on these and print them out and draw or paint right over them. Creatures, real and imaginary, might appear to you. Turn the page around and study it from every angle. Amy Winehouse? You never know! My online art teacher, Carla Sondheim, makes this a regular part of her classes, using sidewalk cracks as the basis of the drawing exercise.

Purchasable hallucinations of a different kind:

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