Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Sleeping on the job

So much going on--couldn't write much of anything here today. And by going on, I unfortunately don't mean county fairs and beach-comber holidays. Nor do I refer to work deadlines (although that figures in for my better half lately), nor any kind of career-oriented deadline. Simply health issues, but hopefully that will be addressed soon and our regularly scheduled summer frivolity can continue. Or begin. Or be considered at least.

Here's a great big head from the Ruth Bancroft Garden sculpture show that I managed to attend briefly today. Isn't this peaceful? Almost a wee bit too new-age, but the fact that it's surrounded by succulents and cactus and drought-resistant spiny plants that poked me as I took photos, makes it more rugged in my estimation.


Rich P. said...

OH NO!!! Someone else who remember Freakies cereal! I never did get the entire set of Freakies magnets (I must have had about 10-15 of the blue Snorkeldorf ones!), but I did get a few and I must still have them. I also still have a Boss Moss t-shirt that I never wore because it was too small for me.
Now, how about a blog entry about Quake, Quisp, or Pink Panther Flakes.

Miss Lisa said...

I don't think they made any other magnets besides Snorkeldorf. I speak from experience. Pink. Panther. Flakes. It turned the milk so PINK. Oh, thank you for that lost memory. I adored them so!