Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy Bonzo Dog Band Day

I was watching the six-part Monty Python documentary, "Almost The Truth (The Lawyer's Cut)" today and The Bonzo Dog Band got a big shout-out in episode one. They were very influential to the future Pythons when they were just starting out on the show "Do Not Adjust Your Set." And while Peter Sellers, Peter Cook and other comic geniuses of the day were doing their blend of dry, absurd and silly, the Dog Band was just plain weird. Truly "out there" and free-form. The blend of influences all came together and the rest is Flying Circus history. Let's listen in.

"Almost The Truth" is currently streaming on Netflix, but who knows how long that will last. The situation at Netflix is fluid, as in quite possibly running down the drain.


Tuckers said...

Hey, in The Canyons of your Mind video Terry Jones from Monty Python is playing second guitar/bass!

Thanks for the heads up on the Python documentary, I need some python in m life right now!

Miss Lisa said...

Me too, Tuckers. I watched Episode 2 today, which promised to be funnier than ep. 1. It was, showing many favorite clips and how they came to be. Oh, how I laughed (again). Monty Python got me through high school in fairly one piece and helped me find my people throughout early adulthood. Do you realize that with today's flat-screen TVs there couldn't possibly be a penguin on the telly?