Friday, September 23, 2011

Most-hated-words Haiku

Where would we be without language? We'd be davfn e8pawu asgfwj 3 da9nfn67, that's where. But as great as language can be, there are words which bother, bewilder and sometimes even disgust us. Words that are "icky" to say, or have weird meanings we don't want to deal with, or are overused, becoming meaningless word tics. These most-hated-words are the inspiration for my haiku. And because Internet poetry is such an excellent search-engine lure (snerk!), it's win-win. Oh God, I HATE the word, win-win.

Do not say pamphlet
It sounds like Pamprin panties
Stop saying it, please!

How lame is shampoo?
Do you want it on your head?
I didn't think so

Hey, sexy nipples!
Absolutely erotic!
Not bloody likely

Struggle for respect
A voice in the wilderness
twitter does not help

DVDs are here!
Happiness tempered by
stupid Qwikster name

Irregardless, I'd
like to reiterate
that I'm an idiot

just laugh, you moron

I want you to know
verbage was never a word
but garbage still works

Dude, hella awesome
mommy blogger webinar!
Epic beige pamphlets!
(Just trying to squeeze as many in as possible. Carry on...)

Thanks to my friends who contributed their most hated words. There's enough for a possible Vol. II - epic!


dinman said...

Epic beige pamphlet!

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