Wednesday, November 16, 2011

She Mob is back

Perhaps you never realized She Mob went away. No matter. She Mob, the band, is back. We started rehearsing again with a new member a few months ago and played a short set with some new songs at the Annual Murder Ballads show at the Starry Plough. And so, from the ashes of mid-90s mid-life crisis, we arise to fill the world with our anti-love songs. People used to ask us 15 years ago why we started a punk-pop band in our 30s and we basically had no answer other than we enjoy it. Do what you enjoy--that's the She Mob way.

She Mob was named after the movie. We actually read the synopsis, named the band, and THEN saw the movie. And it's a bona fide classic. Snippet:

This is really early She Mob from the first album, "Cancel the Wedding." Does anybody even take Prozac anymore? It goes by other names/brands now I suppose.

From the third album, "Not In My World"--Wet Kitten!

I had to leave the band for a while when my son was born. It carried on. Live 2008 show at the Starry Plough with many guest stars in attendance.

Through every incarnation of the band, Joy Sue Hutchinson wears a fine wig onstage, anchoring us with her enthusiasm, talent and fun-building skills.

Who's in She Mob lately?
Suki O'Kane
Joy Sue Hutchinson
Karry Walker
Captive Wild Woman
Alan Korn (on hiatus--he'll be back)

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Soup and Song said...

Ah, this is music to my ears! Long live She Mob! Super fun to see these videos, too!