Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Carols for the hapless

Christmas is a tough time of year for some. Not everyone's in the mood for celebrating. Like for instance, Joseph--perhaps the most hapless man in the entire Bible. Luckily, the Clancy Brothers gave Joseph his own musical story with their version of an Appalachian folk tune, "When Joseph Was An Old Man." First of all, kudos, for paying attention to Joseph at all. And also, was Joseph the biggest mensch in the universe for sticking by his pregnant bride and raising her son as his own? Or was he the biggest doormat in theological history? YOU decide. Either way, the guy couldn't win.

Fear's "Fuck Christmas" is so simple and direct, but it gets the job done, especially after a month-long shopping spree of epic proportions. Sometimes simplicity can add some balance.

Jesus H. Christ. Technology continues to ruin Christmas.

Pray for us.

Nothing evokes Christmas like the dueling banjos scene in Deliverance. Before unspeakable crimes are committed in a brutal story of survival, there must be mountain music. And now: the light show.

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