Wednesday, March 28, 2012

SCTV plays the hits

We're all sick and lazy around here this week. Wandering the Internet today I link-stumbled upon some SCTV classics. I used to watch this show religiously as a teen (thanks for the syndication, PBS). I think it's probably influenced most of what I do and how I handle life ever since. Even years later, when I owned my first cat and lived at my Grandma Tocha's in between overpriced San Francisco apartment rentals, SCTV kept me going through the tough times.

The before-mentioned cat, Caz, had a thing for the late John Candy, placing his white, furry paw upon Candy's face each time he was on one of my Grandma's multitude of TV screens (I think she had at least five TVs—I would lose count). I don't know if reincarnation is a viable concept, but the timing was such that Caz could have been a reincarnation of John Candy and was trying to tell me something. Most likely my kitty, like me, shared an affinity for the intensely menacing yet jovial comedic stylings of Candy.

But how do you pick a favorite SCTV cast member? An abundance of riches came from that troupe and will have my heart for life. Thank you for helping me get through the temporary miseries of adolescence, SCTV, through the magical medium of television.

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