Monday, July 30, 2012

More Images for Ultimate Search-Engine Optimization

Here at Captive Wild Woman dot blogspot dot com, it's all about the content. Why, I started out as a content provider back in 1997 when the Internet was a young whippersnapper, and I never stopped providing it. Even though the title "content provider" is but a quaint memory on the abandoned business cards of days past, that doesn't mean I have to stifle my content-providing soul. And although most every Internet job I've ever had is now obsolete, blowing down the silicon-valley memory lanes like so many wadded-up-paper tumbleweeds, I like to keep a fresh perspective.

Where was I? Oh yes, search-engine optimization. It's still going strong, keeping the Internet vital, dynamic, "grabby," and lucrative, if you know all the correct statistical analysis and buzzwords. Some things will never change. Let's open the image vault and see what pounces out at us. Your content will shine with the right image for ultimate search optimization!

It's a...potholder loom & loops! Sorry, let's try again. Let me just rummage about here a little more...

A divorce cake! You never know when you might need this. Looks tasty too.

Brangelina! This was my favorite Photoshopped image of 2012 because it actually improves upon the original in a fresh, new, and exciting way. And although I can't properly credit the maker, I tip my hat to the ingenuity, focus and drive that went into creating this top-notch celebrity portrait.

Suggestive cactus is just what the name implies: suggestive.

This mid-century Del Monte ad is like Mad Men on acid, which coincidentally did feature an acid trip or two during its current season. Hey, do you think this ad was originally inspired by...NAH!

Do you remember what this is? Click "like" if you know what this image—wait, this isn't Facebook. Sorry, what nonsense. Who would fill their Facebook wall with such a thing? Would YOU?

John Waters is posing with a Bratz doll. What would entice him to do this? We all know he's more of a Monster High kind of guy.

Toddlers & Tiaras featuring Honey Boo Boo Chile and her mom. Look, I'm sorry. I need the hits. The fact that this will give me hits is on YOU, world. Not me.

Joan Rivers and Bret Michaels throwing gang signs because winning Celebrity Apprentice is so freaking awesome.

Kim Kardashian is crying. There there, Kim. It will be all right. Do not cry. It is too hard for your face to move in that way.

Look! I has a corm! Life is beautiful.

Vagina - It's not a clown car. I want to keep it classy around here. And I like to use the word vagina once in a while.

DAMN GURL...YOU OKAY? will never not be relevant in some way. Eminem is such an artist in this shot. Look at his expression, his body language. Sensitive.

Rush Limbaugh hobnobbing with his fat-cat friends is what life is all about.

Yes indeedy, this is Internet. 


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