Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Top Nine Ultramans

Redster Productions put up his nine favorite Ultramans on YouTube. Not ten. Not eight. Nine Ultramans—count 'em! My brother watched Ultraman religiously as a youngster and I teased him relentlessly because of it. Oh, fond memories of sibling torture!

I've been so busy reorganizing my house that I've somewhat neglected my Web duties. Today I cleaned out the hall closet. Where's my medal?! All I receive is the satisfaction of a job well done. And I can find my umbrellas now. So check out Ultraman, in celebration of my more organized world. (I drilled holes today to hang hooks—I'm am not messing around.)

Some of these clips remind me of the 90s rave scene. Make of that what you will. Ultraseven at 2:12 is my personal favorite and will surely bring strange nightmares into your life as well.

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