Thursday, June 29, 2017

Art is Fun

Working on my legacy, one ink blot and doodle at a time—maybe not a Legacy legacy, but every experiment tends to lead to something else entirely as we plod forth toward our oblivion. During the dog days of summer, which came early in California with a record-breaking heat wave that felt like an oven had been turned on full blast for 19 hours a day, art is refreshing. Like a cool minty glass of iced tea, scribbling is the inner world gone external.

Exploring the concept of doubles with ink-blot prints and charcoal on Bristol board. Throw in a white gel pen and you get: large protruding eyeballs.

Double kitty from acrylic ink and charcoal pencil.


Card collages made from found papers, painted journal pages, photos and vintage prints.

My Dad turned 80 last week, so he got this card.

Father's Day card. My Dad really is the number-one dad. I wasn't exaggerating.

I still have to send this one to its recipient. Hopefully she doesn't read this blog. I doubt she does. She's busy and this blog doesn't exactly come up on anyone's daily feed, which is good for under-the-radar experiments and thoughts.

Art inspired by the Spark! Summer online class taught by Lynn Whipple and Carla Sonheim.
My art site: - still working on this but here it is.

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