Thursday, September 27, 2007

Random Stuff-lets

Love me some Tegan and Sara; brilliant Canadian lesbian twin pop stars. Seven gazillion times cooler than Avril or anyone else out there.

FourFour's posted video of Amy Sedaris making cheese balls on The Martha Stewart Show. Love you, FourFour. has the best blog about soft rock hits of the 70s (Adventures Through the Mines of Mellow Gold) and he does a killer summary of top-ten hits from the past called CHART ATTACK! He's cutting back on some of his posts to work on other stuff--more's the pity! Only Jason can write a straight-faced appreciation of the Little River Band with the sincerity and love they deserve!

Portraits of famous blondes made entirely from chewing gum.

Dinosaur Comics, based in Toronto, are freakishly awesome. (Click on it, or just go to the site.)

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