Friday, November 16, 2007

Hello, it's me

I haven't been blogging because life took over for a couple of weeks. First of all, I took a short-story writing class and that kept me really busy. I learned more than I thought I would. Having read billions of short stories over the years, I thought I knew it all, but no, I never learned about the beginning, middle and end parts. I always wrote the beginning and sometimes the middle but rarely the end of my stories. And the ones I wrote many years ago were SUCKY! Say that like a theme song: SUCKY! Makes it more cheerful-sounding. So I wrote a short story. I'm still working on it, or at least I would be, but THEN after the class, I started painting Jackson's room.

Now, I know you're thinking, so you started painting your son's room. Well, that is true, but let me tell you about my son. He likes orange. He's particular about which shades of orange, of course, and orange is one of the harder colors of the spectrum to get right on the walls of a bedroom. So after many weeks of testing, we settled on two shades of orange: Mango Madness and Au Grautin. I'm an Au Grautin person myself. He's deeply in love with Mango Madness. That's fine. We worked out a compromise. Two walls of each and stripes on the other two. I've never painted stripes. It entails measuring, drawing straight lines and taping them down. It's not my thing. But I'm doing it and I'm applying my entire soul to the project to get those straight lines. It will either look like one of those design books: Fun-filled Kids' Rooms, or it will look like the inside of a cheeseball. I'm excited, either way

So anyway, big project. When it's done, my parents and relatives are all coming by for Thanksgiving Dinner at our house. See--life just gets more festive as you go along. Before you know it, it will be time for:

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Tuckers said...

Jacksons room sounds very French. Maybe a French Cheeseball?

Add some Fleur De Lys and your done!