Monday, November 19, 2007

Raise the Ranch!

There's an older suburb near my son's school and there you will find quite a few raised ranch houses. These are 50s/60s-era homes that have the stairs in the foyer. You walk up a flight to the living room when you enter the house. I love these houses. I can't say why. I think because they're obsolete and I love obsolete architecture. Also they were considered a bit "upscale" during their time, compared to the one-level ranch home, but now they're funky and clunky. I relate. Here's some photos of the neighborhood. I tried to find homes with very little updating or improvements. That's just the way I like it. (I'm having a camera issue regarding lack-of-focus lately. After 25 years, it might be time to take the old Canon AE-1 in for servicing).







Anonymous said...

no, you can't be clicking developing and scanning...ahhhhhhhhhhh!

my old canon AE-1 died on the cross country trip this summer. i brought it to a cruchy old guy who ran a cool old school camera shop in laramie, wy called rainbow photo. he wanted to sell me his old canon F-1 body for $75. turns out he was vietnam war photographer - ahhhhhhh, dammit shoulda-coulda.

Lisa Mc said...

My scanner died so I've been paying a little extra at the drugstore photo counter to have a CD-ROM made of my prints. I can just slap 'em up on the computer 'cause everything's digital, man. Printing photos is so 1980s, although I miss that process at times (just b&w--never had the patience to learn color printing). There's a funky old camera store near our house that I'm going to brave to see if my Canon can be cleaned out and adjusted a little. I love that camera, though it seems to way five pounds. The guy who sold it to me convinced me that an entirely made-of-metal camera would never break, and he was right. I took it all over Europe one winter and probably damaged my upper back permanently, but the photos turned out very nice.