Monday, December 24, 2007

Attention Train Nerds

A couple of weeks ago we rode the Holiday Express train--the Southern Pacific Daylight X4449--along the Willamette River for a 45-minute tour (with Santa aboard). We researched the weather to find the one sunny day this month and we went for it. Built in 1941 and retired in 1957, the SP4449 took passengers from Los Angeles to San Francisco in style. It's considered by many to be the most beautiful steam engine ever to run the rails.

I have to admit: it's exciting to ride a steam engine. It's all that puffy steam and the haunting sound of the train whistle and the clickety clack sounds as you pass from car to car. The SP4449 was donated to Portland a few decades ago and is still looking for a permanent home. Volunteers keep her running. I found a nice YouTube video of her as she glides past a Northwest train crossing. Listen to me! I'm like an old codger. Steam trains will possess you!


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