Thursday, December 27, 2007

Post-Christmas Post

I wanted something to post after Christmas, just to wipe the slate clean here. I mean, look at all the Christmas posts--there's way too many. But I got...nothing. So this photo of Sean Connery from ZARDOZ will have to do. Sorry about this.
But it worked, eh? You're not thinking about Christmas any more, are you? I guess NOT.
I once saw this head in my parents' garage, floating a few inches above the floor one night when everyone was out and I was housesitting. It looked up at me and said, "Ruh, ruh, ruh," a few times. I stared at it with complete incomprehension until it moved slightly, wagging its tail, and I realized it was our new neighbor's Scottish Terrier, which had somehow gotten trapped in our garage. If you ever come across a Scottish Terrier in a darkened area, it will appear to be all head and no feet. It's a cool ZARDOZ visual effect I won't soon forget. That's movie magic.


Tuckers said...





I never knew Sean Connerry would allow himself to be filmed wearing that! That was a real low-point huh?

Anonymous said...

This shot reminds me of the swimsuit scene in Borat.