Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wednesday Night - What To Do?

Laurie's visiting from SF and I'm trying to figure out what we should do tonight. Choices, choices.

At Holocene: Nudge, Extra Golden, Coprascrescent.
Extra Golden - Obama. Composed after Obama helped Kenyan members of the group enter the U.S. (is there nothing he can't do?)

Doug Fir Lounge - Tea For Julie, Crosstide, The Turn Ons
Tea For Julie - Snow Globe (perhaps one Coldplay in the world is enough...?)

Someday Lounge - Rollerball, Vialka, Powernap
Rollerball - live at Cita' Del Capo Radio Metropolitana in Bologna (Rollerball has released 11 albums--#12 gets released tonight. I'm leaning toward Rollerball...)

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