Thursday, July 17, 2008

Juke-Bot Your Troubles Away

I know there's a recession going on and the unemployment rate keeps going up (I myself have managed to procrastinate updating my résumé for two days now). But DJ Shadow has the answer: Juke-Bots for sale.

He sums up the concept nicely:
"We conceived it as a throwback to a pre-digital era. There's something about a jukebox doing battle with pesky iPods that seems to resonate with people. It's a kind of protest against the technology rat-race, particularly where music is concerned."

So like those commercials that show awesome battles between war toys, which are only mock battles with kids holding the toys, making explosive sounds with their vocal chords (Pchheww! Pchoo! Pchoo!), this is just pretend. But the concept does resonate, with me anyway. And at $92.99, it reflects the rising inflation rate quite nicely.

Robot Commando commercial - Ideal, 1961

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