Monday, January 12, 2009

Mudhoney Monday Mania

Why never any posts on Mudhoney here? One of my favorite bands of all time. I have no excuse--I've been lax. I just heard Touch Me I'm Sick on the radio and something jolted me out of a ten-year somnolent haze. For God's sake, I muttered to myself: Mudhoney so completely rules. They are heaven-sent (from Seattle) and timeless.

Their lead singer Mark Arm is intelligent, sardonic and self-effacing. Plus he really wails. Their incredible lead guitarist Steve Turner wore black-framed glasses throughout the early 90s and looked like a cool middle-school social-studies teacher. They stayed on Sub Pop probably longer than was financially sound because they felt like it. They rocked so very hard and their CDs were apparently recorded in an abandoned beer silo (I made that up). I would, to this day, totally invite them to my party (and not be surprised when they couldn't make it due to prior obligations).

Touch Me I'm Sick, 1991 - Fame and fortune were not as forthcoming as they should have been after the release of "Superfuzz Bigmuff" Why? My only theory is that drummer Dan Peters played it kind of jazzy with some weird stop-stop tempos. Had he been more of a straight-up rock drummer with a typical back-beat, maybe all the kids would have made up a dance to this. That's all I got. A live performance in 2006 demonstrates the continuing high rockability quotient of this song.

Here Comes Sickness - Embracing the theme of "sickness"--always a good image-builder.

Mudhoney playing The Money Will Roll Right In with their pal, Kurt Cobain. Seattle was a big ol' gang of grunge. Remember? (Rocking my chair on the porch a little more energetically)--do you remember?

Let it Slide

Mike Long dances to You Got It in Hamilton, Ontario.

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