Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Ron Asheton - Invaluable Stooge

Sure Iggy Pop gets all the attention, but where would he be without the sludgy, emotive, rhythmic energy of Ron Asheton's guitar? The Stooges were/are hugely influential as a sound, an attitude, an artistic statement based on genuine dissatisfaction with the status quo. Their songs make me proud to be an American.

Ron Asheton should have been bequeathed a golden statue of some kind but now he's gone (age 60--that's sounding younger and younger to me these days) and it's too late. Thanks for getting me through my extended adolescence in one piece.

No Fun, looking hella fun.

TV Eye, 1970

I Wanna Be Your Dog, 1969

(best YouTube comment: RIP a true pioneer! That guitar cuts through 40 years of crap! - trashaholic71)

Eighteen reasons Ron Asheton was cool - Steve McLean, CHARTattack

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