Friday, January 09, 2009

You've come to the right place for quality entertainment

It's been a long journey back to normality after the holiday. It started with a drive through record-breaking snow and ice along Interstate 205. Leaving Portland took nearly five hours over lumpy, broken ice, snow and busted chains. Very "Road Warrior." Later we found out that the freeway would be closed for the rest of the day while snowplows attempted to make it flat and drivable again. How interesting that there was no news of this at any time during our drive, even on the traffic radio station. As always, communication is key!

The next day consisted of driving for 12 hours in a complete downpour. Sheets of rain until we got to Concord where it wasn't even sprinkling. It was like an epic space opera of travel through different planetary ecosystems. As we neared our Christmas-eve destination, we knew two things were certain: presents were going under the tree, then we were going straight to bed. More holiday shenanigans to come. For now, enjoy the clowns of the animal world.

Yes, it's a dog jumping on a trampoline. You can thank me later.

A bulldog who's an expert skateboarder. Life isn't so bad!

A dog suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder. Har!

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