Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Stink'n Link'n

Every time I see a movable object in my house, I either:

a) Stuff it in a box.
b) Ponder the concept of when I'll presently be stuffing it in a box.
c) Get right to stuffing it in a box, as soon as I finish stuffing this other thing into another box.

All of the above, of course. It's moving time around here and that means even stuff that hasn't moved in years (like a heavy stereo receiver full of dust bunnies) pretty much gets stuffed in a box, dumped in a bag, or set on a shelf until further notice. I'm patiently waiting my box delivery moving pack--a big 60-lb. shipment of boxes, bubble wrap, wrapping paper and tape. You can now buy all that cardboard goodness in a bundle online and it shows up at your door, ready to be taped, stuffed and taped some more.

That's pretty much it. Here's some links because I haven't got time for the blog. How will I pack my precious computer? (Hugging it), oh Precioussss...

David Lynch is always up to something. He's currently producing something called the Interview Project. A team of filmmakers travel around the U.S. in a van and interview the people they meet along the way. This week's interview in Arizona is with Kee.

Best Google News headline all week:
"Idol" runner-up Adam Lambert says he's gay, signs deal.
Good deal, Adam Lambert.

The most beautiful libraries throughout the world from Curious Expeditions. (Thanks for the link, Ray.)

The Runaways biopic is cast and ready for its close-up. Could totally suck and that would still be entertaining.

My Milk Toof - cute or sinister? YOU be the judge.

LATFH. Sure, why not?

Play Him Off Keyboard Cat - the meme that's sweeping the nation. DON'T be left out!


Mildred Davenport said...

Most people aren't willing to do this but i experienced massive freedom when i finally got rid of lots of stuff i'd collected over my lifetime. Two of the most freeing were books and records, simply because they weigh the most come moving time.

p.s. the traveling teeth aren't working for me.

Lisa Mc said...

Yes, it's quite liberating to toss or donate tons of stuff per move. This will be our third move in ten years and we're narrowing it down considerably but books and records continue to be a weighted issue. I do get rid of five or six boxes of books per move, so that's not too shabby. I still have too many books.

And records were really thinned out until we lived near a great Goodwill with 99-cent gems such as "Hullabaloo" compilations from the 60s. And Hawaiian tiki party soundtracks. It's hard to resist. I must have the kitsch hoarding gene.

Tuckers said...

OMG This is pure poetry! thank you.



mamiel said...

Loved LATFH. So wrong, yet so right.