Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Mission - the one-hour photo essay

We visited my friend Joseph in San Francisco on Sunday and for dinner we decided to head over to the Mission for delicious tacos. One thing I can say about Oregon: not too many delicious tacos to be had there.

But tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and all the rest are quite in abundance in the Mission. In fact, it took us over fifteen minutes to figure out which taqueria to dine at. Joseph's friend Arturo decided for us and I did not disagree: La Taqueria on Mission and 25th. I used to go there when I was a teen and it's still delicious, pleasant and delicious. It's basically the same as I remember it from 35, 25, 10, you name it, years ago, even though it used to be run by a different family until an intense legal battle gave it back to its original family, who kept it the same. That's some rich taqueria history.

I was only in the area for a brief time so here's a photo-essay of what I saw over the course of an hour in a one-block area (Keith had us walk down the street so he could get tostadas to go from his favorite taqueria, El Farolito).

This truck pulled up while we were eating. Everything about this image screams at you: HELLO! I AM IN THE MISSION DISTRICT NOW! JUST THOUGHT YOU'D LIKE TO KNOW!

I really liked the embellishments on this lady's jean pockets. Aren't they mesmerizing?

Best thing about the Mission besides the food and murals: the store windows. This is your one-stop store for all your First Communion and Quinceanera party-supply needs.

I think this doll deserves a close-up.

Yes, the cousins will all be coming. There will be refreshments and card games and Communion remembrance gifts to be kept for many years. Everything about my first Communion was completely baffling to me, from the white dress and veil, to the gifts, to the fact that we never went to church EXCEPT for my first Communion. Yet my mom had an 8x10 portrait of me, wearing the regalia, propped up on the piano for YEARS, so that all my protestant friends could ask every time they came over, "Did you get MARRIED when you were in second grade, Lisa?" I couldn't even explain to them what I was doing dressed like that. That's cult-like behavior, all right.

Here's a wonderful bird I met while walking back to the car. His name is Pooh Bear and he said, "HELLO HELLO HELLO" to me, multiple times.

He's a charmer all right.


el space vato said...

I laughed out loud when I read the part about your first communion picture on the piano and your “Protestant friends” reaction to it. What? No “Quince” photo on top of the color TV next to your high school graduation photo and the statue of La Virgen?
I must have been to a million quinces in my time (even played a few with one of my high school bands) and have more in the near future since I have a buncha’ nieces.
Great shots.

mamiel said...

I love "La Taqueria"! Their vegetarian tacos are to die for. The last tattoo I got was in Oakland by a very gifted artist who completed the tattoo over three sessions. When she mentioned how much she adored "La Taqueria" I decided to bring her a taco from there for my last tattoo session. Boy, was she psyched. I think I had a girl crush on her.