Thursday, August 06, 2009

Pink Panther Free-for-all

I got Jackson the first disc of the Pink Panther cartoon series (thank you, Netflix). It's important for children to get their daily allotment of laughter and educational TV isn't doing it for us. Why must educational animation be so earnest? There's some exceptions, of course, but what a snore-fest for us adult care-takers. We can only learn so much about getting along and how to spell before we need to watch someone slam into a wall and bounce back, unscathed. It's important to our well-being, dammit. Don't ask me why.

Jackson just announced that he's laughed so hard, his tummy hurts. What a legacy for creator Friz Freleng.

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el space vato said...

I remember watching the Pink Panther cartoons
when I lived in San Diego (circa 1969-71) and being near fanatical about them.
I hadn't watched them since then, so I went on youtube and Sh*t-Boy-R-Dee! They are brilliant! They really hold up after all these years.
I'm going to have to track down the right seasons on DVD and get them for my cartoon collection.
Again, Lisa... you are stellar!