Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Barbara Manning - Every Pretty Girl

Today's video is from Barbara's 1991 CD "One Perfect Green Blanket." which is a two-fer because you also get her first solo album, "Lately I Keep Scissors" in the deal. They're both great albums of the very late 80s/early 90s.

Barbara's songs are story poems and they reflect a lot of universal feelings, especially concerning relationships. That's my best-effort explanation of her genre. I like her clear and distinct singing and how she surrounds herself with great musicians for all sorts of collaborative fun. As a composer and lead singer, she's tops and I continue to dig her scene. Plus she loves baseball and put out a great Baseball Trilogythat is well worth your effort to obtain, baseball fans.

We worked on a couple music videos many years back, but this one I made on my own, in my family room, with her OK. The footage is from "That Junior Miss Spirit," a 1970 beauty pageant documentary from Prelinger Archives, which brings up the question, do you think floppy hats with mini skirts will make a comeback?

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el space vato said...

Geez-Louise! Barbara Manning! I'm ashamed to say that I had completely forgot about her. I saw the SF Seals in the city back in the mid 1990's sometime and really liked them and meant to buy there album (which I never did for some now forgotten reason).
Great video you did and thanks, yet again for sending great music my (our) way.
You're the best, McElroy!